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Charity Number – 1080764


The Gone Forever Project has been in existence since 1990. It was a collaborative Service Project started by Sheffield Hallam University School of Education and the Sheffield Area Bereavement Forum (which no longer exists) and was a good example of a University and a Voluntary Body working in partnership.   The original members of the Project Steering Group come from a variety of backgrounds

The Gone Forever Bereavement Trust is now a Charity in its own right.

It is a multi-agency initiative and has contacts in the teaching profession and school governing bodies, Social Services and the Probation Service, the Church, the Trent Palliative Care Unit and local hospitals, the NHS and G.Ps, The Samaritans and the Sheffield Afro-Caribbean Association.

Trust members have contacts with the Minister for Education and Employment, the Teacher Training Agency, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Our experiences have confirmed what research states:-

  • Adults often fail to deal adequately with the grief of children and adolescents;
  • There is a mixture of emotional and behavioural responses which might occur;
  • There are cognitive struggles which young people suffer around the concept of someone being "gone forever", whether as a result of death, or perhaps even more complicated, as a result of divorce.

Perhaps one of the most important conclusions drawn from our experience is the perception which exists amongst adults, certainly in educational establishments, of being alone, unsupported and lacking in confidence in one's own ability to handle others' grief - especially children's and young people's grief.


Since 1990 the Trust which began as the Gone Forever Project has:

1]. Developed and run training sessions for groups of teachers in individual schools. These have been tailored to specific school needs.

2]. Developed and run training sessions for teachers of special needs children. These have been tailored to specific needs.
3]. Developed and run training courses for school governors and school mentors.   These have raised awareness, and enabled them to

  • encourage the staff at their school to seek to become equipped to deal with grieving children;
  • encourage the staff at their school to identify incidental causes of grief e.g. the loss of a pet, divorce;
  • prepare a "Critical Incident" plan for their school.

4]. Presented an invited paper [1995] detailing the establishment and work of the Gone Forever Project to the International Conference on the Social Context of Death and Dying.

5]. Held a National Conference in 1996 where a performance, by children, of an adaptation of 'Badger's Parting Gift' was given. The author, Susan Varley, was in attendance.

6]. Produced a Policy Statement which was presented to the Sheffield City Council via the Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies. This policy was adopted [1996] and the Education Psychologists were commissioned to work in partnership with Gone Forever to ensure its implementation.

7]. Produced a booklet and resources list, which has been regularly updated where appropriate and reprinted, along with a Directory of Bereavement Services

8]. Produced a booklet and resources list, which was reprinted in 2005, along with a Directory of Bereavement Services.

9]. Presented a session on "Helping Adolescents who suffer Bereavement and Loss" [academic year 1995/1996]. This formed part of the Initial Teacher Training curriculum units.

10]. Encouraged a group of students to mount a highly successful conference funded by the University's Enterprise Programme.

11]. Invited, by the Teacher Training Agency, to be part of the Sex and Relationship Education Working Group to produce the new guidelines.

12]. We were invited to send a delegate - to the Marie Curie Childhood Bereavement 'Who Cares?' Conference [2000].

13]. Charitable Status - Gone Forever Bereavement Trust - Registered Number1080764. [2000]

14]. Produced leaflets for Teachers and for Parents as well as for Children and Young People to help them with bereavement

15]. Produced leaflets for children and young people accompanied by supporting advice to parents/carers on facing the terminal illness of a loved one.

16]. Held successful Conferences, for example -

'What do we tell the children?' - living with terminal illness.
'What do we tell the children?' - demand was such that this conference was repeated in the following year.
‘Making the difference. – creative ways of helping children grieve.
‘Grief Encounter’.
‘Don’t Give Me Grief’.
‘Every Child Matters’.

17]. Sponsorship has been received from the Forester's Fund; The Town Trust; Westfield;St Agatha’s Trust; The South Yorkshire Community Fund and St.Mary's Church, Ecclesfield at various times.

18]. Training courses for schools and for Cruse.

19]. Seminars for staff at St. Luke’s Hospital and NGH Palliative Care Unit.

20]. Made contact and developed work with other groups doing similar work.

21]. Gave training to the Healthy Living Project :Learning Mentors in schools; Social Services Family Support Services and LEA Family Support Services.

22]. Some members became accredited volunteers of the S.C. Major Incident Team and, MI workers began to receive training on Children in Trauma delivered by GF members.
23]. Supported Brian Cranwell’s research as appropriate. [ Brian has completed his research work successfully.].
24]. Gone Forever became part of the Sheffield City Major Incident Response Group [MIRG] - 2007-2016
25]. Completed delivery of training to the staff of a Secure Unit.
26]. Delivered several Basic Training courses.
27]. Delivered training at an Independent School.
28]. Delivered training to a Special School.


We seek only to finance our next venture – whether it be a conference, publication, Newsletter – whatever we take on. Each year we keep our bank balance in the black, and do not embark upon something unless we know that we have the money to commit. We do not think in terms of profit, but in terms of ‘what are we going to do next and how are we going to finance it?’ Additionally, we are aware that many of our conference participants are not able to afford the usual two hundred or so pounds for a day conference, and it is those participants whom we want to help and support. It is because of this set of principles, to which we adhere, that we are unable to make donations or grants to other charities or to families in need.

Charity No. 1080764 (This is a none grant making charity)