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The chair, vice-chair and secretary of the Gone Forever Bereavement Trust regularly receive telephone calls in particular from parents, grandparents or guardians as well as from teachers seeking helpful advice about a child or young person who has recently suffered a bereavement or loss and is grieving.  Occasionally the loss or bereavement was some time previously, weeks or months possibly even a year or more.

It is usually a change in the child's or young person's behaviour which is the first indication of a problem.  Children as well as adults respond to bereavement and loss in different ways.  Some children (as well as adults) are angry and aggressive.  Others might withdraw and become listless or preoccupied.  Often it is the child's or young person's teacher who is the first to notice because there is a change in school work and behaviour in school.

If you think that a child or young person whom you know is grieving then you may wish to send for any of our publications and if necessary contact one of the three named people.

If you are a grieving parent then we might be able to offer you advice about other groups you could contact.

Charity No. 1080764 (This is a none grant making charity)